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Started in 2004, the GDSN has 983 registered data recipients (retailers, hospital groups, eCatalogues) using the system globally to obtain information from 34,557 registered suppliers who have 16,650,592 registered GTINS (items) ready to publish. There are already 1,156,541 healthcare GTINS, including 803,277 medical device GTINs, registered in the GDSN and ready to publish today. GDSN adoption in the global healthcare sector is beginning to accelerate quickly. Besides Canada, hospital groups in the USA (e.g.: University of Pittsburg Medical Center) and around the world are supporting the GDSN.

If you are a manufacturer and you export your products you will need a GDSN data pool provider to enable your organization to comply with future GDSN requirements from your trading partners around the globe. MEDEC members support the GDSN. Two of the major benefits of using the GDSN are:

  • Interoperability: Suppliers load their catalogue items once using their source data pool and use the GDSN to publish their content to all GDSN trading partner around the globe, instantly, and without paying additional fees to the data recipient or their own data pools.
  • Direct Delivery: Supplier content is automatically delivered from their GDSN data pool and synchronized directly with their trading partner(s) without delays, data being filtered or adapted or middlemen being involved, ensuring patient safety cannot be compromised.

Commport Communications, who has operated CGS Datapool Services, Canada’s only resident, fully interoperable GDSN data pool over the last 10 years, wants to assist suppliers by educating you about the GDSN and training you on how to develop plans to prepare your data and be ready to comply with Canadian and international GDSN trading partner initiatives.

Commport is offering GDSN resources to MEDEC members:

  1. Download: GDSN 101 PowerPoint Presentation:

  1. Web: Visit our GDSN Supplier web page:

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